What do Pheasants Eat?

This page is an ode to "whatbadgerseat.com" which ran from 2000 to 2005 ish. The original site was a small one pager which meshed with content in The Simpsons Episode: Tale of Two Springfields

Pheasant Food

Below are a selection of items, that Pheasants will eat. I have experience most of these first hand. The fact is Pheasants will eat pretty much anything. Even thing with are not edible such as bits of string and pebbles.

Of course juicy worms and other invertebrates are high up on the pheasant's menu. Slugs and snails too.

Any fruit and vegetables lying around will be eaten by pheasants. Fallen apples are often eaten if available. French Beans another treat for Pheasants.

The farmers will not be glad to see10's of pheasants tucking in to their ripe corn! Often pheasants will hang around after the harvest to pick up spilt corn.

Oh dear! Pheasants will eat dead animals, road kill and even dead pheasants. So they will even turn cannibal!

"Friendly" Pheasants

Pheasants are territorial. If they choose your garden as their territory they can aggressively defend it. At first glace this may seam that they are being friendly, as they come over for a chat. However, it will not be long before they start attacking you. One attacked my son, it jumped on his chest and scratched and pecked him. Luckily it did not peck him in the eyes! Same might go for pets.

Bad Behaviour

A pheasant is a mini dinosaur, and evidently has zero empathy. Perhaps the worst thing I have seen with regards to pheasants, is chicks. Yes yellow fluffy "cute" chicks eating each other's innards (guts) and killing each other in the process. Pheasants truly will be eat anything, at any age! :-(